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Penalties – Drivers

Failing to give way to a pedestrian:

  • at a designated crossing = 3-4 demerit points and $300 fine.

  • at an intersection = 3 demerit points and $300 fine.

  • when entering a road = 3 demerit points and $200 fine.

  • when exiting a road = 3 demerit points and $300 fine.

Penalty – Pedestrians

Crossing on a red light at an intersection = $50 fine.

Pedestrians share the roads with drivers and cyclists and must obey the road rules.

Pedestrians are vulnerable road users, so extra care is needed from all road users (including pedestrians themselves).


Drivers should give way to pedestrians:

  • when turning;

  • when making a U-turn;

  • at all intersections and stop signs;

  • slip lane with a 'stop' sign or ‘stop’ line.

Pedestrian crossings are marked by white or yellow stripes on the road and are usually signed. As a driver, approach a pedestrian crossing at a speed which allows you to stop safely if needed.


Pedestrians crossing at traffic lights must obey the signals. If a traffic control signal shows a steady or flashing red pedestrian light, and you have not already started to cross, then you must not do so until the pedestrian light changes to green.